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Vitamins for Hair Loss

The nutritional needs and tolerances of an individual will vary according to body size, metabolism and metabolic type, age, diet, genetics, etc. - We advise you seek more information, either through books, a nutritional consultant, or discussions at your local vitamin shop before taking large quantities of the substances mentioned.  While foodstuffs containing high levels of vitamins and minerals are safe to experiment with, isolating nutrients require more careful thought.  

Vitamin A - a deficiency can create a hardened, thick scalp skin that produces buildup of oil and perspiration below the surface of the skin, with dry hair and flaking dandruff the result.  Vitamin A is found in yellow, orange, and dark leafy vegetables.  

Vitamin B - A deficiency of B vitamins can create an excessively oily scalp, oily dandruff, baldness, and premature greying.  Vitamin B is found in whole grains, beans, seeds, and vegetables.  

Vitamin C - Plays a key role in Collagen formation and improves scalp circulation. Fruits, peppers, blackcurrant, and brussel sprouts are good sources of Vitamin C.

Vitamin E - A deficiency symptoms include hair loss and brittle hair.  Supplementation with E can improve circulation in the scalp by increasing oxygen uptake. Nuts, beets, and safflower oil are good sources of Vitamin E. 

Minerals - a deficiency in the wide range of minerals, which are vital to healthy hair and skin, can adversely affect the structural makeup of the hair as well as the formation of collagen, the connective tissue found in the skin and throughout the body.  Your hair's roots must receive proper mineral nourishment in order to perform the function of growing and maintaining a healthy head of hair.  Once denied these nutrients the scalp tissues begin to break down, and hair loss results.  An example of some of these minerals are Iodine, Zinc, Sulfur, Potassium, Iron, and Silica.

For hair loss, stunted growth or thinning of hair, Dr. Andrew Weil recommends supplementing the diet with a source of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), a fatty acid that improves the health of skin, hair, and nails.  Your choices are evening primrose oil, blackcurrant oil, and boarge oil which are all available in health food stores in capsules.  Take one of two 500-mg capsules twice a day.  It may take six to eight weeks before you notice a change in your rate of hair loss and thickness of new hair. As a side benefit, you may also notice that you have healthier, cleaner, glowing skin and hair.  

We can get all the vitamins and minerals that our bodies require by eating a well-balanced diet. It is preferable to give your body all of its nourishment from a variety of whole, organic foods.  However, given the rushed, fast-food mentality of Western culture, many of us don't get these recommended amounts.  As a result, many health care provider recommend taking a high-quality vitamin and supplement to make up for any inadequacies of diet and product our bodies and hair.