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Hair Regain

Testimonials 1998-2014


Hair Renew

Testimonials 1998-2014

       Dear Customer Service: I am extremely impressed with the results I'm getting from your product. I am a 22 year old college student with a bad receding hairline, mostly at the temples. I've only been using your product for about 3 months and am already seeing results.  I chose your product, seeing that others have only partial guarantees, bad side effects, or lifelong commitments. I've recommended your product to my friends here at my university. 

        - Steve Mathews, Pepperdine, CA 2/7/04

To Customer Service:

          I had a huge thinning area and I had to
stop hair loss immediately or I was going to literally buy a wig.  I have been using Renew for 2 months now and I have seen a lot of changes in the look and thickness of my hair.  I don't fear washing my hair now that it's staying on my head.  Thank you so much.  I have told all my friends about your wonderful product.

          - Leah Harris, Ojai, CA 4/21/04


       Dear Hair Regain: I have been using your hair treatment for only ten weeks and my bald spot is starting to regrow hair again! I almost started to cry. Thanks for this GREAT STUFF!

         - David Mack, Raleigh, NC 7/22/04


        Dear Hair Renew: I love this product and
wouldn't be without it.  I have been using it for several months now and can't believe the great results.

        - Nancy Lopez, Warwick, RI 6/8/04


       To Hair Regain: I ordered a bottle of Hair Regain and started using it not knowing what to expect. That was on 3/3/04 of this year. Well here it is 6/9/04 three months later and I've been using it once a day before I go to work. Well let me tell you something, on Sunday I washed my hair and caught a glimpse of the back of my head in the mirror. WOW.

        - Luke Braham, Baltimore, MD 6/9/04


       Dear Hair Renew: I must say, I have been using your product for a 5 months now and have experienced dramatic hair growth in that short time.  I have recommend your product to several people and they love it too.

       - Cindy Baird, Pomona, CA 1/12/04

     Dear Hair Regain: It took months to find a natural product to stop hair loss.  Your product has been unbelievable.  It has actually made my hair fuller.  I can just see my hair coming back, it took about 5 months, but it was worth the wait.  I have not told any of my friends or relatives, but they have been saying that my hair looks like it is getting thicker and I say, "Is it?"

      - Taylor Witley, Scottsdale, AZ 3/30/04




       To Hair Renew:  After a few weeks, hair stopped falling out, and then I started noticing hairs growing back after about three months of use. Other products never gave me any results like this.  Thank you.

        - Sylvia Talon, Daytona, FL 7/23/04



To Hair Regain: I have been using your product for the past 2 months and (to my surprise) I have observed some very promising results. New, fine hair is growing on my scalp and my hair loss has stopped.

         - Gary Lehr, Naples, FL 5/23/04


       Dear Hair Renew: Let me tell you something I have noticed one heck of a difference, so I started looking closer and WOW, I am seeing hairs where there haven't been any in months, maybe years, WOW!

        - Julie Hawkins, Dallas, TX 1/21/04

The customers included in this website are volunteers who have given permission to publish their image or testimonials.  They have received no financial compensation for their information other than a complimentary bottle of either Hair Regain or Hair Renew.

It is important to understand that the testimonial statements and photographs included in this website do not constitute any warranty or prediction of the outcome for other customers.  Individual results will vary.

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