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It works!!!!! Long time user. Buyer: marky-marc69 Mar-27-20

This stuff works. I will be buying more. Buyer: iluvtanzues Mar-21-20

Hair Regain is a quality product, excellent! Buyer: nahumw Mar-07-20

Using for years now - always good! Buyer: bobwschmidt Mar-04-20

Love this product. Buyer: wgonzales2013 Feb-13-20

Hair Regain Exelente! Buyer:filo7777777 Feb-06-20

Amazing product! Buyer: biz4geo Nov-26-19

Excellent product, my hair has grown back, I can recommend. Buyer: waltzertraum  Nov-15-19

Using for a while, love it.. definitely worth my money! Buyer: cvang89  Nov-10-19

It`s better that minoxidil! Buyer: miguel11101972 Oct-23-19

Best shampoo. Thank you so much! Buyer: restaurant.shoes Oct-04-19

I'm a regular customer, exceeds expectations Buyer: fast.star Oct-02-19

Really works!  Buyer: gcrigoni  Sep-22-19

Repeat repeat repeat repeat customer!! Buyer: fjsmad Sep-14-19

Visible difference after using this shampoo.  Buyer: abella1861 Sep-11-19

I have seen results very fast!!  Buyer: sbadputter2 Sep-02-19

Very happy with Hair Regain Shampoo, will buy again!  Buyer: antalgyetvai  Sep-01-19

Great shampoo!! It works as advertised!!  Buyer: tylenol1 Aug-25-19

Great seller and shampoo works amazing!!  Buyer: djwasylec Aug-12-19

Hair Regain Shampoo works great!!!    Buyer: joel--1986 Aug-05-19

I have used Hair Regain for the last 6 weeks.  My fiancee is thrilled.  I am 37 and had significant hair loss, but through applying Regain and massaging my scalp nightly, I already have new hair growth. Buyer: Mike Parkinson, age 37, WA

After 4 years of expensive shampoos, conditioners and topical treatments, no other product came close to making my hair loss stop. Buyer: Peter Hansen, age 45, WV

Before I tried your product I asked my doctor if he thought it would work and he said, "No way."  Well, I tried it anyway and after 4 months I have new hair growth where I was beginning to thin.  I can't wait to show him. Buyer: Joan Kline, age 37, OK

My name is Amanda.  My hair used to be my worst feature, thin and full of split ends.  Your product fixed all that!  Now, I'm so proud I  walk with my head held high in the class room!! Thank you soooooooooo much! Buyer: Amanda, age 25, WI

I am a 67-year old male.  I had used Rogaine for a number of years but had not accomplished much. Then while searching the web, I came upon 'Regain DHT Blocker and Hair Loss Treatment,' and began reading.  I decided to give it a try.  Within the first month I noticed a difference.  I can't believe there has been such a difference after just two months of use. Buyer: Chad Nelson, age 67, FL

I have been using your product for 2 months.  My hair has stopped falling out and some new growth is appearing in the areas where it had fallen out.  Regain is working wonders. Buyer: Tina Longview, age 39, RI

I am an 18 year old male who starred to lose my hair at 15.  After using Regain for 3 months, my excessive hair loss stopped.  After the 6 months, I began to see new hair growth, I am very happy with Regain's ability to reverse my hair loss problem, thanks. Buyer: Drew King, age 18, CA

I have always been skeptical about hair products, and especially leery of the use of chemicals to stimulate hair growth.  I was very surprised, after 2 months of using Regain, soft hair are growing about 3/4" from the receding hairline. Now, 10 weeks later, the new growth is becoming thicker. I recommend this product to anyone with hair loss. Buyer: Major Hamilton, age 45, ND

I have been using Advanced Hair Loss & Baldness Treatment for 2 mo. now and I have seen a lot of change in the look of the hair as well as an improvement in hair loss. It has defiantly slowed down & you can't see through to my scalp anymore. Buyer: Emma Lawson, age 49, NC 

This is my second order of Hair Regain. Over the last six months my wife and I have both noticed the difference in my hair. It is thicker and is filling out the bald spots. Buyer: Chad Neville, age 45, Africa

Hello, my name is Judy. I have used this product my friend had bought for me.  My hair was so thin and getting worse.  I've seen great results with Regain.  My hair is returning to normal. Buyer: Judy B, age 25, AK

My friend gave me a bottle saying it's the best.  Now, I know he was telling the truth because after six months, my hair loss has stopped and I can run my fingers through my hair again without fear. Buyer: Roman Washington, age 38, GA

I have been using Regain for a month and already my hair is thicker and little hairs have grown where it was beginning to thin.  Also, when I shower I don't have hair in my hands like before.  Thank you for giving hope to men who fear hair loss. Buyer: Matt Hansen, age 49, CA

I was terrified to think that I was losing my hair. That was just six months ago. Now, I have hair starting to grow where I was losing hair. My hair feels thicker and stronger. I couldn't be more pleased with this product. Buyer: Erik Larson, age 37, IL

I'm at the six month mark next week and I have hair growing in where it used to be falling out. People I work with have asked me what I am doing to myself because I look different, I say nothing, but that tells me that something is happening because it's beginning to get noticed. You certainly have a satisfied customer. Buyer: Duke DuRell, age 58, OK