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Letter from the President, Mr. Allen Parkinson; in 2000
More than 15 years ago I was losing my hair at an alarming rate. I was desperate (I'm sure you know the feeling). I had heard about the Rogaine Formula. I tried their treatment for nearly 14 months. Some hair grew in on the side but not in front where my baldness was a real handicap for my day to day life. 

I had already developed Sleep-eze, the first non-prescription sleeping pill, so I headed back to the lab to develop an all natural hair loss treatment. After 5 years of testing and development I was ecstatic with the results I achieved for myself and the people who were testing my product.  

My hair became thicker and the frontal baldness filled in. Exactly where I needed it most.

A lot of people tell me that their father or grandfather is bald so they are destined for baldness. This is not true; genetics is but one factor that contributes to hair loss. There are other factors that contribute to the acceleration and permanence of hair loss. I was able to identify these factors and combat them, naturally.

Hair Regain is designed to counteract problems such as poor scalp circulation, clogged follicles, and nutrient-deficient shafts. Our product allows you to regrow the hair you have already lost.

All the Best, 
Allen Parkinson


Mr. Parkinson's Previous Experience:

International Sales Director of Mercury Records, New York

President of Sleep-eze: First non-prescription sleeping pill in America

President of Movieland Wax Museum, California: World's first museum dedicated to the art of motion pictures

President of Palace of Living Art, California: Museum featuring replicas of the world's greatest paintings.

President of Japanese Village and Park:  Theme park featuring Japanese culture, entertainment, and gardens.

Owner of 45,000 acre Turquoise Ranch

Member of French-American Chamber of Commerce

Received Congressional Achievement Award for International Understanding and Good Will