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Special Offers

How it is applied?

Hair Regain Topical Treatment:

Use the applicator tip to reach though wet or dry hair and apply directly onto the scalp once daily.  Use enough to dampen the scalp, then gently massage liquid into the scalp with fingertips.  If desired, hair may be rinsed an hour after use.  Style as usual. 

You do not need to wash your hair every day to use the product. 

The product is water based so it doesn’t leave any oily residue or stiffness on the hair.  It does not have any fragrance or cause any irritation to the scalp.

Hair Regain Shampoo:

Apply to wet hair and massage with fingertips.  Rinse thoroughly. 

Hair Regain Conditioner:

Apply conditioner to clean damp hair and leave on 1-3 minutes. Best if used after shampooing. For extra shine, follow with a cool water rinse.