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Hair Care Tips & Tricks


Taking care of your hair, and getting into a good consistant routine is important to keep hair healthy and vibrant. Following are some tips and tricks to help get you on the path to great hair. Along with our treatment, shampoo and conditioner, you can have the hair you've always wanted, or used to have.

Trim Hair Often

  • It’s a good idea to trim hair at least every 6 months. This helps keep hair on its toes, growing faster and stronger.

 Shampoo Matters


  • Make sure to use a shampoo that is not harsh on hair. Harsh shampoos will strip hair of the nutrients it needs, leaving it dry and brittle. Our shampoo is made specifically to gently cleanse hair, without stripping it of nutrients it needs to stay healthy. 
  • Try using cool to cold water when rising to encourage the scalp to hold on to the moisture from your shower.


  • Brush your hair twice a day with a boar bristle brush. This will stimulate the scalp and spread the natural oils of the hair helping to improve growth. 
  • If you have curly hair, make sure your hair is wet before brushing to prevent breakage.


  • Don’t wear your hair in the same way every day. This can cause hair to thin where you part your hair. Change your part on occasion to prevent thinning. This also prevents hair from settling into routine which can cause hair to flatten.
  • If you have long hair, try to avoid wearing it in a bun or ponytail too much. This can cause breakage.

Dealing with Build Up

  • If you use a lot of hair styling products or don’t shampoo properly, you can get buildup on your scalp. This is one of the keep factors in hair loss. Our shampoo is designed to break up build up. 
  • If you still are seeing some, try adding 1 tablespoon of baking soda to your shampoo once a week.

Dealing with Dry, Damaged Hair

  • Our conditioner is specially formulated to make sure your hair is getting enough nutrients and has the ability to hold on to them. 
  • If your hair still seems dry coat hair with olive oil and let stand for 10 minutes, preferably under a shower cap. Do this once a week to add moisture to dry hair. Afterward, shampoo as usual.

Dyeing Hair

  • Chemical hair dyes can be very harsh on hair. Try switching to a henna hair dye or using herbs. These are natural and don’t damage hair. If you are interesting in switching, make sure to do some research on it first. 
  • There are different herbs you can use to darken hair, and it may take some trial and error, but your hair will thank you.