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Special Offers


It's as simple as this:


1. You order a 6 month supply of Hair Regain.

2. You use the product daily for a full 6 months.

3. You are part of the 12% of the people who are unsatisfied.

4. You mail back the used bottles in a timely manner (within 7 months of purchase date).

5. Your money is refunded. (excluding postage and a $10 handling charge).


Here is an actual email from a customer who returned the product:

Dear Hair Regain: I am writing to let you know that you have one heck of a guarantee. I had ordered your product like I had with so many others, but out of all them it was only your guarantee that was honored. I used the product as indicated with minor results. So after the six months of use, I returned the bottles and received a full refund. I just wish I had tried your product sooner. Thank you for being an honest merchant on the web. I would be willing to recommend anyone to try your product as it may help them before it is too late. 


James Lynn