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Q. What can I expect from your product?
In 30-60 Days, you will notice a reduction in hair loss and an improvement in the condition of your current hair (i.e. less breakage, stronger hair). Within 60-90 Days, significant reduction of hair loss and some emergence of new hair will occur. Within 3-6 Months, you will experience accelerated hair growth in affected areas as well as a thickening of the existing hairs. After 12-18 Months of daily use, most individuals have achieved the results they desire and may discontinue use. Some individuals may need to use product once a week for maintenance.

Q. Do I need to use your product forever?
No, most people gradually discontinue use once they have reached the results they desire. Although, some need to use it once a week for maintenance.

Q. How is your product applied?
Apply Hair Regain for Men or Hair Renew for Women (found at http://www.women-hair-loss-shampoo.com/) at least once a day (either morning or night) to the affected areas of the scalp. Avoid washing your hair for at least one hour to allow active ingredients enough time for them to be absorbed into the scalp. Neither Hair Regain nor Hair Renew contains oil or grease so it won't leave any residue or odor. 

Q. I am using Rogaine® (or Propecia®). May I use your product at the same time?
Yes. Our products are made of all natural ingredients that do not interact with Rogaine® or Propecia®. You can safely use Hair Regain or Hair Renew with these and many other hair products, just wait for one product to dry before applying the next one.

Q. Will your product work for me?
Yes. And if you are one of the 8% of people our products don't work for, at least you'll get your money back. 

Q. Will it work on my shiny bald spot?
No. Once the follicle has died and scar tissue has replaced it, there is nothing to be done (except for surgery). However, Hair Regain and Hair Renew can prevent your bald spot from getting larger.

Q.Does your product have any side effects?
No. Both our products' active ingredients are made of all natural compounds that are completely safe for topical use.

Q. Even though I don't have a receding hair line or a bald spot I am experiencing hair loss. Will your product help me?
Yes, whether your hair loss is uniform or concentrated in certain areas, early intervention to stop your hair loss from progressing is essential. With Hair Regain and Hair Renew's proven DHT blocking ingredients you will not only be able to keep the hairs you have, but regrow the hairs you've lost.

Q. What causes hair to fall out?
Androgenic Alopecia is the cause of hair loss for almost 97 percent of all men and women. It is caused by a by-product of testosterone known as DHT, which is created in large quantities by the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. DHT molecules bind to the genetically predisposed hair follicles resulting in the miniaturization of the hair shaft and elimination of the hair follicle.
Many factors can exacerbate this problem - they include: clogged hair follicles, reduced blood flow, and nutrient deficient follicles.

Q. How does your product stop DHT?
Hair Regain for Men and Hair Renew for Women use anti-DHT compounds (Saw Palmetto and Nettles) that bind to enzyme 5-alpha-reductase and prevent it from creating DHT.
By limiting the constricting effects of DHT on the follicle, new hair will be able to grow. Remember, the longer a hair follicle has been affected by DHT, the longer it takes for hair production to begin again. But once a hair follicle has atrophied to the point where scar tissue has replaced the follicle, there is nothing that can be done except for surgery.

Q. Can I color my hair or use other hair products?
Yes. You can use any other hair care products while using Hair Regain, including, but not limited to, hair dyes and styling gels.


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